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I used photography initially to capture interaction between fellow human beings and special moments during social events. In addition, I participated in a project by the Amsterdam Museum with portraits of Neighbourhood Shopkeepers.

From the moment that my attention turned to the special in the ordinary, in the world around me, I started exhibiting my often abstract work in various places in the Netherlands. Recurring is my participation in the Festival OFF since 2015. This takes place parallel to the biennial Photo Festival in Naarden, on of the most important photo events in the Netherlands.

I am part of the permanent art route in the OLVG hospital location West in Amsterdam with work  that I change regularly.


In January 2022 I was able to push my exhibition boundaries with a solo exhibition at N24 Galería de Arte in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.


Items have been purchased by individuals and the former Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital, now OLVG-west, in Amsterdam.

Furthermore, I have been chairman of the Amsterdam Amateur Photographers Association (AAFV) which merged with the Dutch Amateur Photographers Association (NAFV) in 2003. In the subsequently formed Dutch Amateur Photographers Association Amsterdam (NAFVA) I am active as a member of the competition committee and , as was the case with the AAFV, in organizing and designing  exhibitions.

More ... Murni Latif (Groningen, 1952) – fotograaf | Indisch Museum

If you have questions, comments or are interested in other work or would like to purchase an item, then please contact me via the form below.

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